GBS Graduation Ceremony Summer 2024

The GBS Graduation ceremonies are a special occasion for our students, marking the culmination of their educational journey with us. The presence of our VIP guests would not only be an honour for us but also an invaluable inspiration for our graduating students as they embark on their professional endeavours.

The graduation day has been divided into three significant segments: a morning ceremony 10:30 am to 12 pm, a VIP lunch from 12 pm to 13:30 pm, and an afternoon ceremony from 2pm to 4pm.

Almost 1,500 graduates have received their certificates and guest speakers at this grand ceremony were Lord Bilimoria, Mr Alex Mejia, Division Director at United Nations Institute and Research (UNITAR) and Mrs Seema Malhotra, Labour MP Some of the VIP guests were Baroness Pola Uddin, Mr James Murray, Labour MP, Mr Anwar Choudhury, Former Governor Cayman Islands at Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Former British High Commissioner, Mr Howard Dawber, Deputy Mayor of London, Virender Sharma, former Labour MP, Mr Rajesh Agrawal, former Deputy Mayor of London, Sir Graham Brady, former MP, Mr Stanley Johnson, Sir Tim Lankester, member of GBS advisory Board, representatives from the British Army, Royal Navy and many more.

The founder of GBS and Our GEDU Group CEO Dr Vishwajeet Rana, GBS CEO Prof Ray Lloyd and GBS Deputy CEO James Kennedy have attended the ceremony to support and celebrate the achievements of our students.

Our student community, with an average age of 37, live in some of the UK’s most underrepresented areas for higher education. They have demonstrated remarkable dedication to self-improvement, committing to a better future for themselves and their families while contributing to the progress of their local communities.

GBS has diligently crafted a learning environment that supports our students in balancing education with work and family commitments, enabling them to realise their full potential. Many of our graduates exhibit a strong entrepreneurial spirit and through GBS are now equipped with the tools to advance their own ventures.

These incredible individuals are from humble beginnings, and their stories exemplify the power of education in a supportive environment. We are steadfast in our commitment to providing high-quality teaching, guidance, and support, ensuring that our students receive the education they truly deserve.

GBS has experienced significant growth in the past three years, with over 35,000 students across ten campuses in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds and the creation of more than 1,500 jobs. However, our success is grounded in our mission of changing lives through education and widening access to opportunities in communities that need it the most.

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