The best punjabi medium with massive reach and return.

All types of products and services are desired in punjabi homes in Britain. Why not try out DES PARDES WEEKLY and reach them with ease.

We are pleased to introduce  DES PARDES weekly newspaper to you, that is based in west London, UK. DES PARDES is the highest circulation representing the punjabi speaking community throughout Britain, Europe, America, Canada and Asia.

Government statistics show the punjabi community is the 2nd largest ethnic community in the United Kingdom and DES PARDES reaches over 80% of punjabi readers.

Various local and government authorities have found our services a very effective way to reach members of the punjabi community.

We have 150,000 british/punjabi readers includes every age group from 15 year to 80 years across London, The South East, South West, Wales, North East, North West, The Midlands, Gloucestershire, Yorkshire and Scotland.

Besides these main distribution areas we also have subscribers throughout other parts of Britain and all over Europe, America, Canada and Asia.

If you need to target your messages at our readers at the most competitive rates let us offer you services and advertising space through DES PARDES WEEKLY.

Our Regular Features are:

  • News From India and rest of the World
  • News of Britain particularly concerning immigrant communities
  • Day to day activities of immigrants here
  • Community Information
  • Women’s page
  • Cinema
  • Short stories and serials
  • Spirituals column
  • Letters to the editors
  • Cartoons
  • Matrimonials
  • Comic strips, etc

We print the cover and colour on art paper using web offset process and the inner pages are on brilliant white 60gsm paper.

Publication– Every Thursday
Overall Size– Width 292mm x Height 364mm
Print Area– Width 265mm x Height 335mm
Language– Punjabi
Advertisements– Printed in English or Punjabi or combination of both as    requested
Translations– Chargeable according to complexity and quantity
Artwork– Artwork accepted in recognised formants (Please   Consult)
Deadline– Colour – Friday prior to publication date (Please Consult)
Mono – Monday prior to publication date(Please Consult)
Full Page Size– 33.5cm height X 26.5cm width
Half Page Size– 16.8cm height X 26.5cm width
Quarter Page Size– 16.8cm Height X 13cm width
One Eighth Size– 8.5cm Height X 13cm width
One Eighth Page Strip– 4.5cm Height X 26.5cm width
Quarter Page strip– 9.0cm Height X 26.5cm width