‘Newly qualified, Ismat Khan, drawn to Allied Health Professional career by her interest in wider healthcare roles’

Moved by the care that her grandparents received, Ismat Khan was inspired to choose a career and qualification in the NHS.

Ismat says, “I always knew I wanted to get into healthcare but I thought that the NHS was only about becoming a doctor or nurse. I changed career paths when I decided to drop chemistry at school. I explored other options through a future career programme and open days. Only then did I understand the whole variety of healthcare professionals.

The sharp and savvy 21-year-old, graduated from the University of Cumbria in July 2021.

Ismat embraced opportunities to help during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic from the very beginnings of the unprecedented times. “The course exceeded my expectations!” she says, excitedly. “It provided me with many placements, even during Covid. It gave me the unique opportunity to develop myself as a person and a professional. I was also among 40,000 student healthcare workers, including nurses, midwives and paramedics, who returned to placements to help on the frontline. In my final year, under a protective environment during Covid, we had lots of opportunities on the front line, and pushed to be independent too.”

The course gave Ismat a few surprises. “I found it shocking that a large majority of patients who come into hospital require a scan at least once through their treatment. I don’t think that the population realises who we are, which is ironic as medically imaging sits at the forefront of modern medicine. My other surprise was getting on placement so early on in our first year, getting hands-on experience and understanding the role of a radiographer straight away. That helped me to decide very quickly if this profession was right for me.

This role is different every day. We get to be part of a whole range of departments across the hospital and there are several options to specialise and progress. Every day is different. I meet a whole range of people from the elderly to children. A hand or chest x-ray may be the same task, but it needs to be handled uniquely patient to patient. There are such different people, with different circumstances and behaviour on the day. Some may be anxious, or just wanting to chat.”

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