World mental health day

World Mental Health Day

World mental health day is on the 10th October 2021 with this year’s theme being “Mental health in an unequal world “. The phrase all things being equal is well known, however in relation to mental health matters inequality can exist. The result is a higher impact regarding mental health matters, for example the national mental health charity MIND reports that 58% of people receiving benefits said that their mental health was poor. Other examples of disproportionate impact are available.
Where there is a heavy impact on people’s mental health, it seems correct and vital that resources are provided to help reduce the impact of mental health issues. There is tremendous ongoing work continuing by many national mental health charitable organisations including Mind, Rethink, Samaritans and many others. Their efforts are vital regarding both support and awareness.
In relation to this year’s theme of “Mental Health in an unequal world” it’s important to help spotlight the areas where assistance is needed. This may make the difference in reducing some of the areas of inequality. The area of the BAME community for example have higher rates of detention under the Mental Health Act.
The impact of mental health issues remains huge. It is therefore important people get support at an early stage. This can prevent a full breakdown and a possible hospital admission under section. It is recommended that people should speak with their GP or other primary mental health services. These services can bring in community support during challenging times. Sadly this had become more difficult during the height of the pandemic when visits were virtual rather than face to face.
The suicide figures remain high and about 75% of suicides are male. Astonishingly it is the highest cause of death for males under 46. Here the sharing of information, concerns and anguish can unlock the door to help and support. Hopefully avoiding the tragic consequence of suicide. Awareness and support are vital as always. Many organisations continue some tremendous life saving and life changing work in this area including the Samaritans.
There are many ways to help those with mental health problems. A meal out, a catch up cuppa, a chat on the phone or a how are you doing text or WhatsApp. There are so many ways to show your support and make a huge difference to a person who finds themselves in difficulties. They may often shut down and your communication can open the way to the appropriate support they need.
In conclusion inequality is this year’s theme and we all have a vital role in helping to overcome this issue and continue to support those who encounter mental health issues. Awareness and support are always vital. Good health to you all.

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