Vatika Naturals launches the all-new range for curly hair at their first ever Christmas gala held in London.Vatika Naturals hosts “A Tress Mas Affair”- an event loaded with Christmas sparkle, festive joy, and natural goodness for diverse hair types.

Amidst festive splendour, Vatika unveiled its Christmas extravaganza – ‘A Tress’Mas Affair’, setting ablaze the town with an unforgettable celebration! This Christmas celebration brought together influencers from diverse realms – makeup, hair care, travel, wellness, and more – all under one roof for an evening that celebrated beauty of all types – the very pillar of Vatika. The heart of the affair was illuminated by the theme #GreenForRed, an ode to Vatika’s use of the essence of Natural Ingredients. 

The evening opened with an aura of excitement as Roshni Singh, the Group Marketing Manager of Dabur International, took the stage. Her speech heralded the grand unveiling of Vatika’s new range for curly hair. The spotlight then shifted to the celebrity hair care expert who expertly unravelled the mysteries of diverse hair types, enlightening the audience with personalised tips and tailored Vatika hair care routines. The hair care specialist dwelled on the profound link between inner well-being and hair vibrancy, stressing the impact of nutrition and mental serenity on hair health. Expanding beyond it she shed light on external factors like climate and product choices, key players influencing hair appearance. At the heart of it all was Vatika’s unique ethos—rather than dictating norms, the brand passionately adapts to meet diverse hair care needs, emphasizing a personalized approach that evolves alongside its users, empowering them on their distinct hair care journeys. An engaging Q&A session ensued, leaving influencers armed with insights for nourished hair and personalised Vatika hair care routines for their unique hair type.

With sparkling drinks, delicious food and tantalising tarot card readings taking place, the event was buzzing with excitement. The true star of the evening was the life-size advent calendar – a ‘Rudolph’ in its own right – adorned with an array of Vatika hair care treasures. From indulgent hair oils, revitalising shampoos, and luxurious conditioners to masks and temporary hair colours, influencers were spoilt for choice, curating their personalised Vatika selection to take home.

Amidst merry tunes and jubilant spirits, a karaoke bar set the rhythm, coaxing everyone into a joyous dance of Christmas cheer. However, the pinnacle of the night was the Christmas tree, lovingly adorned by influencers with their favourite Vatika baubles, igniting the season’s festive fervour.

Zakir Mansoori, the Business Head at Dabur International UK, shared his thoughts about the event, stating, “The Tress’Mas Affair along with launching a new hair care range for curly hair epitomized all that Vatika truly represents—the essence of natural ingredients found in our hair care, along with the celebration of diverse hair types. The event was just the perfect Christmas gift wrapped up with warmth, love, and hair care galore. Here’s to many more splendid events that honour our ethos and bring us together for such delightful evenings.”

Vatika ingeniously joined the holiday festivities, swapping the traditional red for Vatika’s iconic green, a nod to their commitment to harnessing natural ingredients. This vibrant hue echoed their philosophy, ensuring top-notch quality for their consumers through the essence of natural ingredients in their products.

Amidst delectable treats, effervescent conversations, and an air infused with the spirit of giving, ‘A Tress’Mas Affair’ became a cherished memory for all who were part of the celebration.


Vatika – Dabur’s subsidiary, has garnered a strong reputation for its commitment to harnessing the power of natural ingredients in their hair care products. It draws upon time-tested natural ingredients such as Coconut, Olive, Almond, Garlic, Black Seeds, and other natural extracts known for their nourishing properties. Beyond shampoos, conditioners, and oils, Vatika offers a comprehensive range of hair care products tailored for various needs, including hair masks, styling creams, and hair colours. These products address issues like hair damage, dryness, frizz, and promoting hair health.
Vatika is more than just a brand- it’s a celebration of natural beauty and authenticity. Embracing the essence of the true ‘you’ and enhancing one’s natural beauty is at the core of Vatika’s philosophy. Whether it’s through their nourishing formulations or temporary hair colours, the brand encourages women to embrace their individuality and showcase their true self with confidence. 

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