TRS Brand Set to Illuminate Diwali on the Square for the Second Consecutive Year

TRS, the trusted name in high-quality spices and ethnic food products, is thrilled to announce its second-year participation in the vibrant celebration of Diwali on the Square. This year’s festivities promise to be bigger and brighter, with TRS bringing an array of exciting activities and delightful surprises for attendees.

“Diwali on the Square is an annual event that celebrates the festival of lights, offering an enchanting glimpse into the rich and diverse culture of India. TRS has been an integral part of this celebration, and this year, the brand is gearing up to make the event even more special for the public. It is an event that holds a special place in the hearts of thousands of people across the UK. We wanted to participate in this celebration as it is rooted in our deep commitment to the communities we serve and our unwavering dedication to our loyal consumers. TRS has long been a much-loved brand, cherished by countless consumers and over the years, we have not only provided exceptional quality products but have also fostered a profound connection with them. It is a bond built on trust, reliability, and shared values. TRS products have been an integral part of many households, making our brand synonymous with tradition, authenticity, and quality. By being a part of Diwali on the Square, we are not only demonstrating our commitment to diversity and inclusivity but also acknowledging the incredible cultural mosaic that enriches the communities we serve. It is also an opportunity to give back to the communities that have supported us throughout our journey” Damian Guha, CEO of Vibrant Foods Ltd.

Here’s a sneak peek of what TRS has in store for you at Diwali on the Square:

  1. Exciting Games: TRS has organised fun and interactive games for attendees of all ages. From the best selfie competition to a chance to win at the claw machine, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.
  2. Original Flavoured Popcorn: Last year’s spiced iced cream was very successful and to maintain the same theme, be prepared to try our newly developed and uniquely spiced popcorn. We’ve spiced up the traditional popcorn with our signature spices, creating a snack that’s both delicious and distinctively TRS.
  3. Culinary Magic by Chetna: Meet our superstar Chef, Chetna, who will be showcasing her culinary expertise using TRS products. She’ll whip up incredible dishes that showcase the incredible flavours of TRS Gram Flour, Spices, and Lentils, leaving your taste buds craving for more. “’I am very excited to be back at the Diwali on the Square with TRS this year. I am looking forward to sharing my love of Indian food with you all as it is a big part of Diwali for us. There will be lots of delicious food as I will be cooking on the day. From delicious snacks to flatbreads all of which will be made live on stage, and I’ll get a chance to meet and interact with the audience.’ Chetna Makan.
  4. Win Free Goodies: TRS is feeling extra generous this Diwali season. Attendees have the chance to win an array of free goodies, including TRS products and other exciting surprises. Be sure to participate in our quizzes for a chance to take home these amazing gifts.
  5. Unveiling Our New Brand Design: “In addition to the festivities, TRS is thrilled to unveil its brand-new design. This updated look aims to modernise our packaging whilst remaining authentic and create excitement around the TRS brand. It represents our commitment to delivering quality products while staying fresh and contemporary” Stephanie Rose O’Riordan, TRS Marketing Manager.

Don’t miss the chance to experience the Diwali magic with TRS at Diwali on the Square. Join us in celebrating the Festival of Lights and indulging in a diverse culinary journey that only TRS can offer.

Event Details:
Date: 29 October
Time: from 1.00-6.00 pm
Location: Trafalgar Square

We invite the media, food enthusiasts, and everyone in the community to join us at Diwali on the Square for a day filled with joy, culture, and flavourful surprises. We look forward to sharing this special occasion with you and making it a memorable Diwali celebration.

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