Noon Products Ltd, a leading chilled food manufacturer based in Southall, has been working with local charity, NishkamSWAT for a number of years through their community support outreach programme, helping to feed the homeless across London. The partnership started with Noon initially stepping in to help survivors of the Grenfell Fire, providing microwavable ready meals for people while they were waiting to be re-homed. The relationship with NishkamSWAT has gone from strength to strength and in early 2020, a new initiative started to serve freshly cooked hot food by the Noon chefs.

In 2020, homelessness surpassed 10,000 in London with a 47% increase of 16-to-25-year old’s due to lockdown restrictions. The disappearance of commuters meant that no one was offering money at a time when most soup kitchens were closed and food banks were struggling to keep up with the demand. It was left to a few small groups of volunteers to provide thousands of meals a week through such a difficult year.

Noon really wanted to step up their partnership in 2021 and donated a co-branded chilled van to NishkamSWAT to help even further with the distribution of food. The van will be formally handed over at Noon Products Ltd, Windmill Lane on 24th November. Both parties are looking forward to developing their relationship and building an even stronger community support network. ‘We are so grateful to the amazing team at Noon, they have been supporting us for many years and always step up when the homeless community is in need as well as children and families in poverty, no questions asked. During the first COVID-19 lockdown, Noon served tens of thousands of meals to NHS Staff Members and Free School Meals to children as well as the homeless and elderly. Sumit and his team go above and beyond their call of duty. We feel so fortunate to have such a prestigious company on board as a Charity Partner.’ – Randeep S Lall, CEO of NishkamSWAT

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