You will be aware that Peabody in partnership with London Borough of Ealing has received planning approval for a major regeneration project, “The Green”, at the heart of Southall and the affected properties which fall within the proposed redevelopment area have been served with CPO to acquire their land and interests in order to facilitate the redevelopment to The Green and its surrounding area.

The owners held a meeting on Tuesday 23.03.22 to discuss and share their frustrations as a result of the CPO looming over them. They are angry and not very happy with Ealing Council. They feel they have not been treated fairly. Their offer is far below than the Market value.

The council has failed to appreciate that most of the owners have had ownership of their properties for many years, some of them have been there well over 30 years. Most businesses are small family run businesses, they even have their children working in these businesses and planning for them to take over the businesses.

The Council does not realize the magnitude of the impact all this having on owners, it has created an environment of uncertainty which is affecting their health and general wellbeing.

In addition to above, there is financial loss the council fail to recognise. Since 2017 and with threat of CPO hanging over them, they have been unable to invest in their business, unable to raise finance against their properties. The businesses are basically suffering financially.

The bottom line is, Ealing Council appeared to have ignored the social and economic impact of the CPO on property and business owners of the Green This shouldn’t be the case and now they are hurt being treat in this manner, almost like 2nd class citizens. This situation has brought back memories of the time they moved to Southall in late 50s and early 60s and had to face blatant racism and 60years on they feel the situation remains the same and are being marginalised or is it because they are from Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic (BAME) Communities.

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