Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims celebrate in |Christian Church

Multicultural Leicester is one of the best examples in the world where different communities live happily side by side which was proven at the Daljit Neer and Friends tribute to Ustad Hussain Baksh Gullu on Sunday 2nd June which had Asian musical artists from Muslim, Hindu and Sikh communities treating the audience from the above religions who had an amazing evening of entertainment at All Saints Church on Kerrysdale Avenue in Leicester.

Sikhlens’s Harinder Singh Hari who organised the excellent Sikh Arts and Film Festival at The Phoenix Centre commented “A fine evening of Geet and Gazals organised by the multi-faceted artist Daljit.  This was a tribute concert for the late Ustad Hussain Baksh Gullu who passed away last year. His eldest son Ghulam Shabir Gullu from Germany was the main guest artist of the evening alongside Aminditta Roy, Bashurat Baig and Ali Mohamed who entertained the audience with their beautiful melodies throughout the night.  Having spent some valuable time with Gullo Khan saab the host also mesmerised the crowd with his famous songs accompanied by Tabla artist Bhindrajit Neer.”

Gidda and contemporary dance tutor, choreographer, radio broadcaster, commercial voice over artist with many years’ experience in Hindi and Punjabi theatre who was one of the judges at the national dance competition at Telford, Sangita Vig said “ The event was joyful for music lovers.  The concert had artists singing semi-classical, Sufi folk songs and gazals.  It was a pleasure meeting people involved with performing arts in various capacity.”

Enjoying his first gazals’ event with family, music lover, amateur football coach and Aresnal supporter Santokh commented “ Thank you to the host for light heartedly and enthusiastically hosting and performing in musical event where someone new to gazals like me felt entertained  and could marvel at the vocal skills of many artists.”

Television and radio presenter for over 32 years Jagdeep Renu Ji pointed out “ It was a great show in which the Leicester diamond Neer put in a lot of effort.” The versatile artist with voice sweeter than honey who will be releasing wedding songs Tappy Mahiye soon, who in his hey days used to fill large halls and was featured in the Bollywood magazine STARDUST, radio presenter, singer and my classmate Mohamed Raza commented” It was a very good effort by Daljit who put in lot of hard work in getting so many talented artists.  Main point is that in Leicester there should be a different touch of classical music. The event had  good atmosphere.”

It was a fitting tribute to Ustad Hussain Baksh Gullu on a beautiful summer’s day which proved that Punjabis can perform sitting down as well get entertained sitting down on seats.  The programme gave a chance to meet many interesting  people from different walks of life. Those attended included Kishore Jain, Punjabi Singer Kebi Dhindsa, Nirmal Singh Laddu, Piara Singh Randhawa from Leicester Kabaddi Club and others.

Event organiser Daljit Neer thanked supporters, volunteers, media representatives and fans especially those that travelled from, Birmingham, Coventry, Doncaster, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Peterborough and Stoke on Trent who made this special tribute unforgettable and successful. Speaking at the end from the stage with all the artists standing alongside him Daljit Neer said “ Thank you for coming and God Bless Everyone”

Report: Tarlochan Singh Virk

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