Ribbon PLC has announced the upcoming launch of their digital financial services ‘super-app’, intended to offer hyper-personalized multi-currency wallets to NRIs as well as residents of India. This carbon neutral app aims to meet the growing need for a single platform that’s an aggregate of multiple financial services offered by appropriately licensed partners. Stock Trading, Real-estate investments, Mortgages, FX & Crypto trading, Remittances and payments will all be found within the Ribbon PLC app. It will also offer virtual and physical debit cards, AI powered analytics, and tools such as Budget, Goals and Piggy Bank.

The Ribbon PLC app aims to make transferring money, investing, and trading effortless for Indians globally, providing a unified digital experience for the affluent Indian as well as NRIs around the globe. “On Ribbon we are providing a gateway to any bank in India at affordable prices with our unique payments marketplace,” said Ashesh Jani, the CEO and Co-Founder of Ribbon PLC.

Indian students and professionals will be able to rely on Ribbon’s first of its kind ‘account before you fly’ service when they are ready to work or study abroad. “We are also committed to supporting SMEs,” Ashesh Jani promised, “and that is why we are creating a digital business account that is fast and easy to open, simple to operate and a powerful tool to complement the growth of our customers’ businesses.”

Ribbon PLC’s Chairman and Co-Founder Suchit Punnose said “there is a large, growing, and discerning global Indian diaspora that we believe can and should be better served by modern banking and money management tools. The principles of Planet, People, and Profit are at the core of everything Ribbon PLC will do, so we’re keeping them in mind as we develop one of the world’s first net-zero emissions financial services platforms… built to keep pace with the global Indian’s aspirations and stand out in the crowded fintech market.”

Initially addressing a market of 1.8 million NRIs in the UK as well as residents of India and Gibraltar, Ribbon plans to acquire further licenses and expand globally in order to better serve the 33 million NRIs living around the globe and the fast-growing aspirations of India’s affluent residents. Led by a team of experienced bankers, fintech specialists, and IT experts, Ribbon PLC has developed its own core technology stack, UX and UI, and promises highly personalized services to cater to the specific needs of the culturally diverse Indian diaspora. Ribbon will be available to download and explore soon, but in the meantime, signing up to the waiting list  will ensure that you’re kept updated and that you’ll be one of the first to get access to Ribbon when it is launched.

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