British Kabaddi League set for launch

The inaugural British Kabaddi League (BKL) marks a new landmark for the sport not only in Europe but for kabaddi internationally. It opens a new chapter for the sport, for long considered an exclusive domain of South Asia.

Never mind that it may not be as extravagant or lucrative as some of the leagues in India yet. Never mind that it may not feature the superstars of the game from Asia.

What it would be is a gateway to new territory to cultivate the sports to a higher level. A potentially huge sponsorship avenue in Europe. A potential to get the world to open their eyes to an age old sports, looking to get Olympic recognition.

And most of all it will give a new legion of homegrown European talents to showcase themselves.

That the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has agreed to partner the league, is a testament not only to the growth of the sport but the potential it holds in the near future.

The BKL which begins raid from April 9-10 in Wolverhampton, is being jointly organised by the England Kabaddi Association and Scottish Kabaddi Association.

It will feature eight teams – Glasgow Unicorns, Edinburgh Eagles, London Lions, Leicester Sher, Manchester Raiders, Wolverhampton Wolfpack, Walsall Hunters and the Birmingham Bulls.

After the opening leg in Wolverhampton, the BKL will move to Manchester from Apr 16-17, Birmingham from 23-24 April before the final leg in Glasgow from April 30-May1.

The BKL is scheduled to be officially launched at the Wolverhampton Art Gallery on Tuesday.

The BKL is destined to give kabaddi the promotion it badly needs in Europe. With Italy hosting the 3rd European championships later this year, the BKL will act as a perfect prelude.

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