Bring home the festive vibes this Diwali with Asda

The onset of autumn signifies the beginning of the magnificent festival of lights, Diwali. With this year’s celebrations falling on the 24th of October, Asda joins in the festivity of the triumph of light over darkness, with a beam of low prices and amazing offers for all your Diwali needs this year. Having exciting deals, discounts, and the convenience of shopping everything under one roof makes the preparation all the more satisfying.

And talking of offers, Asda has plenty in store for everyone. With the festival of lights firmly placing family and food at its centre, there’s Laila Long Grain Rice 5kg available for £8.50 and Elephant Chakki Atta 5kg at £5.50. Keep the children happy by taking advantage of the Rubicon 1L Passionfruit and Mango Drinks at £1.25 each or the Cofresh Bombay Mix 325g at £0.70.

This Diwali, Asda has teamed up with three Indian food influencers, who shared their Diwali must haves and how Asda helps make it easier for them to prep for the festivities.

@Kitchenmai, Indian Bengali by heritage and a food enthusiast by passion, said, “For me while the meaning of Diwali remains the same but with the arrival of my little girl, I want to ensure that I observe all the traditions and rituals this Diwali to ensure my child grows up with fond memories of the festival. Asda has been instrumental in helping me with my preparations.

 “My Diwali is incomplete without making kheer for my family and friends. My kitchen never runs out of Laila Basmati rice especially during the festive season. From cooking pulao to kheer, rice is a must have ingredient for so many dishes. Yet another dish which is a Diwali favourite in our household is the gujjiyas. And for that reason, I am always well stocked up on Ambrosia semolina.”

Laila Basmati Rice 12 kg is now available at Asda for £12.50 and if like @Kitchenmai you would like to make some Gujiyas, try Ambrosia semolina which is £1.60 for 400gms at your local Asda store.

A doctor by profession and an excellent food blogger, @jcookingodyssey likes to celebrate her Diwali the traditional way with all the rituals and prayers. Hayley gave us a peek into her shopping from ASDA, which she is planning to use for her Diwali celebrations. From buying fresh flowers to decorating her home to buying gram flour to make tasty ladoos for her family, Hayley is banking on Asda for all her Diwali shopping.

Even though I am born in UK, every festive season is celebrated with the same zeal as my grandparents celebrated it in India and East Africa. Bringing the traditions to life in the UK has been challenging but ASDA has always been there to help me observe my Diwali rituals. We invite all our friends and families over for Diwali weekend, and for me having a clean and well decorated home is the best way of welcoming my guests. Yet another essential for me is East End Pure Butter Ghee which I stock up on around the festive time to make all the tasty Indian sweets, curries and pooris.”

Asda’s got you covered, shop our George Home Spiced Berry Maxi Tea Lights at £3 for 12 candles to decorate your home and East End Pure Butter Ghee at £4.75 for 500gm for all your sweet meats and delicacies.

For @15min_mom, mum of three kids, Diwali revolves around making it special for her children and ensuring that festive traditions and cultures are being passed on to them. From cooking their favourite dishes to decorating the house with them, it helps nurture the family bond. Diwali is never a quiet affair in her household and with Asda I can shop everything I need in one place so I can spend more time at home making memories. Every year, they have a special feast where a large spread of traditional food is laid out, comprising of street food, kids’ favourite Guajarati fried delicacies and loads of mithai (Indian sweets).

“Diwali is the time when my kids can join me to cook some special Gujarati dishes like khandavi and ghughra. It is the time to spend with family, friends and relatives and enjoy all those small precious moments. Cooking for my family and getting together calls for some tricks and shortcuts. Ready chopped ingredients and store-bought sauces can really help save time.

Like @15 min mom, ensure your kitchen has plenty of Cofresh Mild Bombay Mix and Chilli and Lemon Bombay Mix at £0.80 each for all your guests.

For a vibrant, colourful, joyous celebration, with family and friends coming together to eat, head to your nearest Asda for your Diwali essentials or visit online at



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