Reference – Indian Students Buying Assignment/Projects/Dissertations

Dear Editor
I write as a University lecturer who has taught many international students at UK universities over the past 20 years.
In my experience, the majority of Indian students are ill-equipped to face the challenges of UK university education. One particular area that causes significant consternation relates to the writing of final research projects and dissertation. This is a major piece of work, the successful completion of which is vital to the degree award. Students are unable to grasp the fundamental of research, how to formulate research titles or conduct any data analysis in any meaningful sense. In desperation, students turn to ghost writers who, for a fee, will sell dissertations to students.

Whilst it is understandable that students cannot risk failing the courses, can we as a community ignore the rampant dishonesty which is fast becoming the norm for Indian students– as well as students from other nationalities? Such practices devalue academic qualifications, regress the learning experience and tarnish the image of the Indian student community. Indian’s have historically been known for hard work, honesty and progressive approaches to learning.
I appeal to Indian students to re-consider their approach, ethics and values in the context of education. If you are struggling with your research projects and need help, your University should have allocated you a supervisor to support you. This is a resource that you have paid for – use it and ensure that you take supervisory advice seriously.

If things are not working out and you are really struggling, then I am happy to offer you some advice and guidance on how to write your own research project. Remember, I will not write the dissertation for you but I will train you on how you can do your work easily and efficiently and to a UK standard. Drop me an email and we can have a conversation. Most importantly, do not leave it until the last minute.

The very best of luck with your studies and time in the UK.

Dr. Sudesh Sangray

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